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Name:Training Wings
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This is a Dressing Room community for [community profile] luceti, a "testing grounds" of sorts. Anything that happens here will NOT affect the game or the characters involved in the game, IN THE LEAST. The purpose of this DR is to give players and/or potential appers a chance to practice before applying or being accepted into the game. It's a good way to see if your character will mesh with the setting, or find good CR, the sky is truly the limit.

Before posting, be sure to fill out the following form and include it on your entry.


1. No wank! This isn't a complaint community, there's a post for that at [community profile] luceti already.

2. Keep IC! You can be cracky, but that doesn't mean Albert would suddenly be stupid or Sephiroth would put on an apron and bake a cake.

3. This is an open comm, so current in-game players and non-current alike can join and/or post. We ask that newcomers please respect others and follow the RULES of Luceti as if you were joining the actual game. If you break the rules, you will get a warning and will be blocked from the DR if necessary.

4. Obviously, anything that occurs here DOES NOT affect the game or the characters in the least. And the reverse is also true: in-game events don't occur in the DR.

5. Activity in the dressing room DOES NOT COUNT for activity checks. Don't even try 8|

6. Read the FAQ HERE for specific details. (it is also stickied)

7. Enjoy yourself!

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