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the luceti test drive meme

Reserves have just opened and apps are right around the corner. But are you still on the fence about any of your would-be characters? Well -- here is your chance to take them out for a spin!

TAG IN or reply to others with characters you would like to test drive for Luceti.
ONLY add top-level comments for characters who are not yet in the game. You're free to reply to others with Luceti characters (because that's half the fun) but remember that the whole point of this meme is for potential characters.
PLEASE do not post duplicates of characters already in Luceti.
GO AHEAD and give us a brief description of your character in the top-level comment, along with one or two possible ways to run into your test-driven character around town.
YOU MAY use these threads for your first person samples on your app -- just make sure that you link threads of a goodly length (i.e., threads with at least ten comments from your character).

Need a little help getting started? Remember, you needn't post here as though your character is still brand-spankin' new. It'll probably be more fun for all involved if this isn't a simple dress rehearsal for showing up. Here are a few scenario ideas:

o1. The grocery store is out of food. What do you do?
o2. Wing injury! Call for help or stagger your way to one of our fine clinics.
o3. It's a busy evening at Good Spirits, one of Luceti's local bars. Do you dare try the drink specials?
o4. Have a talent for playing music? Try Cloud Nine's open mic night!
o5. Beach party? Snow party? Leaf-raking party? Gardening party? YOU DECIDE.

Okay. So my examples are pretty non-exciting. But they're really just suggestions. I'm POSITIVE you kids can come up with more creative things.

Above all? HAVE FUN. Oh. And don't forget to RESERVE your characters.

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[Somehow or other, Kushina is in the same store picking up her own goods for dinner. She's a bit further down the aisle, putting something in her basket when she looks up and spots the familiar face.]

...Eh? Mikoto?
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Ah— Kushina! You're out picking up things for dinner too?
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[She nods and heads over in her direction, smiling.]

Mn! Minato and I decided to come together this time.

[She looks around; behind her shoulder and around Mikoto to peer farther down the aisle before sighing and putting a fist on her hip.]

But it looks like I've lost him. You haven't seen him, have you?

[Then she glances in Mikoto's own basket.]

Ooh! What are you making?