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the luceti test drive meme

Reserves have just opened and apps are right around the corner. But are you still on the fence about any of your would-be characters? Well -- here is your chance to take them out for a spin!

TAG IN or reply to others with characters you would like to test drive for Luceti.
ONLY add top-level comments for characters who are not yet in the game. You're free to reply to others with Luceti characters (because that's half the fun) but remember that the whole point of this meme is for potential characters.
PLEASE do not post duplicates of characters already in Luceti.
GO AHEAD and give us a brief description of your character in the top-level comment, along with one or two possible ways to run into your test-driven character around town.
YOU MAY use these threads for your first person samples on your app -- just make sure that you link threads of a goodly length (i.e., threads with at least ten comments from your character).

Need a little help getting started? Remember, you needn't post here as though your character is still brand-spankin' new. It'll probably be more fun for all involved if this isn't a simple dress rehearsal for showing up. Here are a few scenario ideas:

o1. The grocery store is out of food. What do you do?
o2. Wing injury! Call for help or stagger your way to one of our fine clinics.
o3. It's a busy evening at Good Spirits, one of Luceti's local bars. Do you dare try the drink specials?
o4. Have a talent for playing music? Try Cloud Nine's open mic night!
o5. Beach party? Snow party? Leaf-raking party? Gardening party? YOU DECIDE.

Okay. So my examples are pretty non-exciting. But they're really just suggestions. I'm POSITIVE you kids can come up with more creative things.

Above all? HAVE FUN. Oh. And don't forget to RESERVE your characters.

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[It's not often that Lee receives visitors to his and Neji's apartment in the first community house. It could be Neji, returning from training, but would he knock?

Lee goes to answer and is pleasantly surprised to find Kushina on the other side of the door.]

Ah... Kushina-san! Good day! [He says with a quick bow.] To - to what do I owe the pleasure?

[The legendary mother of Naruto. He met her here once before and was touched by her kindness. Does she plan to warm his heart once more?!]
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[The face he meets is grinning at him before she rubs the back of her head bashfully.]

Well, I just figured I'd stop by. You're one of Naruto's close friends, right? [And she could never say how grateful she was for Naruto's friends, for being there for him in ways she couldn't.

Suddenly she remembers her gift.]

Ah-! Er, here! [The small box of home-cooked treats is offered to him with a small, quick bow of her head.]

I hope you like them.
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[And he smiles brightly with eager nods.]

Yes, yes I am. His dear friend and capable rival, Rock Lee! [He accepts the gift gracefully, looking quite flustered himself.] T-thank you so much! You... you shouldn't have, Kushina-san!
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I-It's not much, ya know!

[He's just embarrassing her. Besides, it really IS nothing for her to make treats or snacks. But this is what she can do. She'll make snacks for all his friends whenever they want it.

But the mention of a rivalry elicits a small laugh from the redhead.]

Rival, huh? You picked a good rival then.
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I have! Naruto-kun has improved by many leaps and bounds over the years. When we first met, I was able to defeat him with ease! But now, it may be... a much closer challenge. You truly have a powerful son! [He says brimming with energy as he examines the treat with an eager smile.]
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[She loves hearing about her son and since Kushina hasn't heard much about him, she's eager to hear all about it.]

He is! [Said with all the pride in the world.]

I hope you two don't fight too much.
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Of course not! He is still a beloved comrade, after all. We get along very well! Our battle shall wait for an optimal day.

[personal profile] fervidity 2013-04-26 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Being able to get along even while being rivals is pretty rare!

I remember these two, Kakashi and Gai, didn't always get along and they were rivals too. They always participated in these really extreme challenges. I have to admit though, I was a bit jealous I wasn't a part of them.

[Probably because she'd kick both their asses at whatever it was.]
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[She very likely would. AND MAYBE CAN SOON HERE IN LUCETI. But Lee has no time for such thoughts. He's brimming with energy the second Gai's name is uttered.]

G-Gai-Sensei?! You know them in their youth, didn't you?! Gai-Sensei and Kakashi-sensei are both passionate eternal rivals! I admire their rivalry with all my youth!
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There's a pause because of his...er...energy, and then a little bit of a smirk.]

I can see why he's your sensei. You're a lot like him. [YOUTH...

He could almost be Gai's son or something and she was close to asking as much. It's a good thing he called him sensei before she embarrassed herself. A grin.]

Yep! I knew Kakashi and Gai when they were your age! I was around Kakashi more because he was Minato's student, but Gai certainly liked to follow Kakashi around a lot. They were always fun to watch if I was nearby.

Though Kakashi always chose rock-paper-scissors. [Her fingers make the motion of snipping at her hand.]

Do you and Naruto play that too?
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[And he trembles in excitement at being compared to Gai. The youth!]

Yes! I am honored to be his sensei! And that is wonderful to know... I would be further honored to hear stories of his youth sometime!

[He raises his hand in a rock-like fist excitedly as his eyes follow her snipping motion.]

Occasionally, we do! But Gai-Sensei and Kakashi-Sensei are true masters of the game.
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I wouldn't mind telling you, ya know! [At the prospect of having a chat, she's excited. She would tell him ALL about Gai and his antics with Kakashi.

But here, have a flex of her arm.]

I bet I could beat them no problem!
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You are most admirable, Kushina-san! [He's so excited! Storytime with the mother of Naruto? Amazing!

And he watches the flex in wonder. How did she not just punch death in the face? But he statement - Lee is taken aback!]

Ah... You think you could defeat them both? I would never dare to date your strength, but it is such a bold prediction!
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Lee's pretty good with the compliments and generally being a NICE GUY. So he'll get a bashful look from Naruto's momma for being called admirable. Along with a nervous laugh. WELP she already likes you Lee!

Her hand pats his head playfully.]

That's one way to get on the good side of the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero!

[Grins. That's why she's bold.]