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the luceti test drive meme

Reserves have just opened and apps are right around the corner. But are you still on the fence about any of your would-be characters? Well -- here is your chance to take them out for a spin!

TAG IN or reply to others with characters you would like to test drive for Luceti.
ONLY add top-level comments for characters who are not yet in the game. You're free to reply to others with Luceti characters (because that's half the fun) but remember that the whole point of this meme is for potential characters.
PLEASE do not post duplicates of characters already in Luceti.
GO AHEAD and give us a brief description of your character in the top-level comment, along with one or two possible ways to run into your test-driven character around town.
YOU MAY use these threads for your first person samples on your app -- just make sure that you link threads of a goodly length (i.e., threads with at least ten comments from your character).

Need a little help getting started? Remember, you needn't post here as though your character is still brand-spankin' new. It'll probably be more fun for all involved if this isn't a simple dress rehearsal for showing up. Here are a few scenario ideas:

o1. The grocery store is out of food. What do you do?
o2. Wing injury! Call for help or stagger your way to one of our fine clinics.
o3. It's a busy evening at Good Spirits, one of Luceti's local bars. Do you dare try the drink specials?
o4. Have a talent for playing music? Try Cloud Nine's open mic night!
o5. Beach party? Snow party? Leaf-raking party? Gardening party? YOU DECIDE.

Okay. So my examples are pretty non-exciting. But they're really just suggestions. I'm POSITIVE you kids can come up with more creative things.

Above all? HAVE FUN. Oh. And don't forget to RESERVE your characters.

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[Since the arrangement in her room had already wilted, it's replacement time! While Ino's busy cutting stems of flowers for her next arrangement, she hears knocks from the door. Who could that possibly be? Maybe Sakura has some juicy hot gossip to share.

Approaching the door, she opens it and she couldn't help but smile at Kushina's friendly face.]

Oh, hey there, Kushina-san! [Opens the door a little wider.] Come in, come in! Sorry, I was in the middle of flower arranging, but- [A curious look but she retains the smile.] What brings you here?
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[She steps inside and can't help but look around at Ino's house, full of flowers and a lot like how she remembered Inoichi's place the few times she had been over with Minato.

The box of sweets is held out to her along with a small blush and bashful smile.]

I came by to give you these. You like sweets, right?
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[It's truly the abode of a florist! Once noticing the box of sweets, however, Ino's smile turns flattered as she accepts the gift.]

Oh, thank you! I do, but you really didn't have to. [Aw, Naruto's mom is so sweet what happened to her son?? Okay, brb thinking of a way to properly thank her.]

How about I... make a flower arrangement for you and Yondaime-sama? Let's see... [She pauses in thought.] I can whip up something with roses since they possess different meanings of love!
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I don't mind! [She doesn't mind cooking and she doesn't mind making small gifts for those Naruto considers his friends. She owes them so much for supporting him and being nice to him. These are just small tokens of her appreciation.

Even if they will be the best sweets you have ever tasted, Ino.

Of course, talking about love and her relationship with Minato makes her surprised and then flush horribly.]

Y-You...don't have to do something like that, ya know! [TTEBANE]
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[Ino knows the need to make up for everything and she's happy for Naruto that both his parents are here. Sometimes, she wishes her own Dad will show up and such wishful thinking is usually accompanied by tears. But knowing both Naruto's parents showed up fills her with hope.

Giving the woman before her a warm smile, Ino shakes her head.]

No, I insist. Think of it as some sort of, well, thank you too. [Her smile widens.] For bringing Naruto to us. [Well, she can admit even if he's such an idiot, he's a great help to everyone.]
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[A-Aw, Ino. Such a nice girl. marry naruto pls!!

Kushina looks shocked at those words and what they mean. Or what they could mean.]

For bringing Naruto to you?
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[The nicest! lmfao sorry but she's taken

The shock almost made Ino think her words again. Did she say something bad? Regardless, she continues to smile at Kushina.]

Well, you're his mother, right? [She giggles a little.] Even if he has his flaws, he's a great person overall. He just saved the whole village back home. We owe our lives to him and I'm sure the others feel the same.
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[personal profile] fervidity 2013-04-19 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)

Kushina feels overwhelmed with pride and happiness. Her shock fades into happiness and Ino will get the biggest smile Kushina can muster as well as a hug.]

Thank you!

[There's no greater joy for a mother than hearing her son is a great person, even from someone she's only just met and gotten to know.]
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[Okay, that hug catches her completely off guard but Ino easily eases into it anyway because it feels nice.]

You're welcome, I guess. [A little awkwardly, she pats Kushina's back whilst smiling sheepishly. And whenever Kushina decides to let go, she'll ask her this question:] So, is it okay to do that arrangement now?
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[Mom hugs are the best.

When she pulls back, she's flustered, her index finger brushing her nose sheepishly and still embarrassed at the thought of having an arrangement that symbolizes hers and Minato's love. But the thought is a nice one and she can't really refuse.]

I guess I can't stop you, if you really want to. Could I watch?
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Of course~!

[She claps her hands together in both excitement and agreement while she looks at her unfinished arrangement then back at Kushina.]

I don't have roses with me at the moment, though. I'd have to pick up some in the flower shop but you can watch me do this one right here. The old one I had wilted, so. [She beckons the red-haired woman to follow her to the table where an array of different flowers are properly laid down.] Do you have fresh flowers by your bedside?
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[She walks on over and leans over to look at all the pretty flowers. Their scent is noticeable even from here and she takes a slow inhale. Ahhh, they smell nice. It really reminds her of her younger days, walking by the Yamanaka compound and being surrounded in the fragrance of flowers.

Inoichi used to really smell like them too.]

No, but we do have a lot of plants all over our house. It was like that when we lived in Konoha, too. Maybe I should think about putting some flowers around! They smell really nice.

So, what do these ones mean?